Ebook just around the corner

I wrote How To Teach Your Kids To Swear several years ago. The search for a publisher has been a long hard one. After a year or so of sending queries and constantly receiving back that this wasn’t their type of book, it was difficult not to start feeling and thinking that this book might never get published. I decided that I would google some famous authors and find out what their experiences were like. After looking at stories about Stephen King and Stephanie Meyer and several other high profile authors I was reassured this is the way of the industry and that I had to keep looking. After another year or so of searching and submitting endless queries I got up one morning, opened my email with coffee in hand and saw yet another publisher response. Each rejection sinks you a little bit more and trying to keep positive is tough, however, this morning was different for me because it was an email expressing interest in the book.

The excitement from that email was one I will not forget any time soon. It must be similar to what people feel like when they win the lottery. This was only a couple of months ago that I received that email. In the time since the publisher has been working at getting this book edited, templated and ready to hit stores in time for the Thanksgiving & Holiday seasons. We are constantly emailing back and forth going over all the little details that need to be taken care of . For me personally this has been a learning experience

BTW – Had a conference call with  the publisher and they expect How To Teach Your Kids To Swear to be available in eb00k very, very soon – woohoo!!! Will keep you all posted.


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