Horrific Birthday Parties

My son, B, is an October baby. Due to the proximity of his birthday falling so closely to Halloween, and since he was able to choose all of his birthday parties he chose to have a Halloween theme to them. We have done the costume party, the pumpkin picking & decorating party, the Hay maze party, the haunted house for kids party just to name a few. This year B is turning 12. We told our kids that this is the cutoff age for childhood parties.  Next year he will be having a Bar Mitzvah and after that we thought we could just have a little cake for him at home, since he will most likely want to hang out with his friends in his own way.

This year deciding on everything has been a slow and agonizing torture. We debated the dates, the times and what we should do. Everything we came up with was too childish. Of course there is another child having a birthday party that same weekend so that is throwing a kink into things now as well.  Finally after much deliberation and ultimately to my dismay B decided on a horror film festival.

A horror film festival could be fun for adults!!! How do you throw a horror film festival for 12 year olds? Seriously, you can’t show them the rated “R” stuff and face the wrath of all the angry parents and they don’t want to watch the “G” rated scary cartoons.  This leaves a very limited selection. Anyone with great ideas – please feel free to share them.

The next day I took him shopping for a birthday present. As it turns out he can’t decide on that either. Apparently 12 years old is the year of indecisiveness- parents be warned!!!  😉


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