Parental Paranoia

This morning Amy left on a three day trip with her school. She was selected by her teachers, along with a few other students from each grade, to be a part of the school’s Leadership Program. Part of this program is that the students go away on these little retreats and they participate in activities that will further build on their leadership skills. In this way they will come back to the school and use those skills to help encourage other students to set and achieve goals for themselves.

Obviously this is an honor for Amy and I am really proud of her….but… this is the first time she has left home for more than a local sleepover at a friend’s place. No cellular phones were allowed on the trip.

I think I may have caught parental paranoia because I am just worrying every second she’s gone. They have to travel on major highways – will they be safe? They are sleeping in cabins – will she be warm enough? She doesn’t know all of the kids – will they get along & have fun?

My experience of parental paranoia is, unfortunately, plentiful. I must have a weak immune system or something – lol. So I will be spending the next few days breathing deeply and trying to reassure myself that she is fine and having a great time. So if you happen to see someone out and about who seems distracted and talking to themself, it is possible they are suffering from parental paranoia – please be kind to them!


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