Black Friday Extravaganza

If you have picked up a copy of my book and read the acknowledgement than you already know that I am into Black Friday shopping. I am still a “newbie” though. A few years back I discovered the joys of Black Friday and of course I was immediately hooked.

For those of you who don’t know what Black Friday is, it is the shopping event of the year in the United States and follows the American Thanksgiving holiday. If you’ve ever seen on the news or in movies people camping out in front of stores, extreme line-ups and just absolute shopping insanity it is usually a reference to Black Friday. I love this now holiday tradition and have adopted it as my own. My husband and I go every year with our good friends Anita & Steve. We typically book our hotel in August and make a weekend of it. This year when we tried to book our usual area it was already booked solid – in August – for November!!! We looked around a bit, but since this is kind of an adult’s only weekend getaway for all of us we wanted it to be something unique and different. It did not take long before we located a haunted inn.

Let me just say that a haunted inn sounds like a really cool idea in August but by the time you have made it past the Halloween horror fest and into November it really doesn’t seem smart at all. We were all in agreement and actually we recruited one other couple to come along as well.  We had to pay in advance for these rooms because apparently 50% of their clientele chicken out at the last minute. Once we had booked we were told that the hotel staff does not spend the night in the hotel either – they leave and go home and come back in the morning because…IT’S HAUNTED. I guess several Paranormal Investigative groups have been in the home and have found it to be haunted as well.

I am writing this post in advance because at the time of this post I will be on my way to this haunted inn. I am excited, yet terrified – it really puts a different twist on Black Friday shopping!

Below is a picture that was taken at the Inn from the 3rd floor landing …this is located outside the room I am staying in.


To be continued…


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