A Haunted Getaway

Black Friday shopping went great and I did survive the Haunted Inn, but not without experiencing many undoubtedly haunted happenings. Upon arrival at the Inn I immediately felt my chest tighten. Once the Inn keeper showed us to our room on the 3rd floor, I got very dizzy. It even felt like the floor was moving! We went out for a bit to pick up a few items, which was a great relief to me. I was able to kind of calm down and gather myself back into one piece. When we returned, we did walk around the Inn a bit just to get an idea of the layout but we pretty much called it a night right away -due to the extreme shopping we had just finished. Half of the night I was not able to sleep though because the children spirits that live there were tickling me and keeping me up. It was a very strange and kind of spooky feeling.

The next day was even more active. We took loads of pictures that revealed apparitions, spooky faces, ghostly shadows & orbs. We heard things bang, someone walking up the stairs, slamming doors and even had our hair played with. If you are curious about spirits or would like to see if hauntings are for real, you should definately check out the Sweet Dreams Haunted Bed & Breakfast in Bay Port, Michigan.



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