Holiday Volunteering

Part of the high school curriculum today is that students need to get 40 hours of volunteer work done in order to receive their diploma. A, has been actively looking here and there for different opportunities to work on these volunteer hours.

Recently I saw an ad in the local paper from the Salvation Army for the Kettle drive. These are the folks you see standing at the entrances to stores everywhere with the bells and the “kettle” that you put your donations in. I responded and we were assigned a couple of hours each week at a nearby mall. Since A is a bit young to be manning the kettle by herself so I offered to go with her so she could get her hours in.

I have to say, we have been having a great time doing this. Which surprised me just a little bit. I do volunteer my time regularly but normally I volunteer at the kids schools…which kind of benefits the kids & I. So, I wasn’t really expecting any sort of gratification out of doing the kettle.

It ended up being a good opportunity to spend a couple of hours with my daughter, just the two of us. It was also a nice way to help her achieve her diploma and to give back to the community.

If you are looking to find that warm glow in your heart that you have done something special and made a difference in someone’s life, you should definitely try volunteering. Even if you are too busy during the holidays to fit it in, volunteers are needed all year long.

Find something you enjoy & volunteer your time 🙂


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