End of the World Party

Since 1999 people have been claiming that each year the world is going to end as we know it. It may have happened before then too, but I was not paying attention. It seems now though that every year someone shows up to predict a fiery death for us all. Each year there are more reasons why it is going to happen for sure this time.

I’m not sure about how everyone else handles this but my two oldest children are worried about it. One of them is so concerned they don’t want any of us to leave the house that day so we can all be together in case impending disaster hits us. I have tried explaining to the kids that there is always someone out there claiming negative horrible things are coming and that they are always wrong in their predictions but as December 21st has not passed us by yet my reassurances seem to be falling on deaf ears.

When all else fails in my life I fall back on old habits – first I clean because if I can’t control the things in my environment at least I can control what my house looks like. If that doesn’t work for me then I Feng Shui everything. For those of you who aren’t into Feng Shui, it follows the rules that the placement of your things (furniture, artwork, plants, etc.) in your home create good energy flow into your life. In my brain that means it helps me control things that are out of my control. You can Google it if you want to learn more – I love it personally. Last but not least if the first two fail me, I throw a party.  Parties are fun, everyone has a good time, you can make themes and it gives people something fun to look forward too – as opposed to impending doom.

So, in conclusion, in the middle of a hectic holiday season with a million things to do, I would like to thank the Mayans and the folks that interpreted the Mayan calendar and all the folks that are spreading the good word about the impending death of us all…because now I have to host an End of The World Party tomorrow.

How will I be spending my night?  I will be hosting a Wii Dance themed party (It will be at my home as my kids don’t want to leave the house incase death hits us) and I will be dancing my way right past December 21st!!!

To all of you who are facing impending death – best of luck & to those of you who will be carrying on…Happy Holidays!!!


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