Parental Paranoia

There comes a time in every parent’s life when the child starts leaving the safety of your home. First it’s during sleep overs, then school trips and eventually moving out.

In September Amy’s school sent home information on a 5 day trip they were planning. It really sounded amazing. Skiing, snow tubing, ice skating, going to the Ice Castle and much, much more. It was a bit costly but I encouraged her to go. The memories she would make will most certainly be with her forever.

So the process started, we did lots of fundraising by baking cupcakes. My home at peak times was converted to a bakery. I have to admit the worst part of it was icing them all. Apparently even hands can cramp up after icing six dozen cupcakes at a time!

All of the fundraising paid off though and this week her class left to Quebec. We helped her pack and brought her to the bus. It was so hard to say good bye. I knew she was nervous about going away from home so I held my excited “it’s going to be great” attitude until she was on the bus. As soon as I heard the air brakes woosh on the bus the tears came through – it took all of my strength not to chase the bus.

I know she will have an amazing time, but man do I miss her!!!


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