Home Sweet Home


Amy made it back from her Quebec trip. I think I may have worn a hole into my living room floor from all the pacing and I may have a few more grey hairs, but she’s back. I was never so glad to see so much laundry and junk (souvenirs) come into the house. Apparently under the right conditions one week can be a really long time!

She had a really great time and even got to try out dog sledding!!! How cool is that? She took a zillion pictures and a few videos and she bought me a present. This was the sweetest part for me because she has never bought me a present on her own before. Usually you get cards that the teacher helped them make at school or Dad picks something out for your birthday from everyone. This was different though, she said she missed me and she bought me something. It wasn’t much. A little wooden owl about 2 inches high. She watched the fellow carve it for her. Every time I see that owl I get the most amazing warm glow inside.

I completely understand now how little old ladies become hoarders!!!


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