Selling your house with kids

About a week ago I stumbled across this lovely house within walking distance from our current home. Right now we live in a great house but it is a 3 bedroom and there are 5 of us and of course the dog too. So we are a little snug. Anyways, this house was perfect, the kids don’t need to switch schools and can still walk to all their friends house’s and it’s got 5 bedrooms. They happened to be having an open house that weekend so of course we had to check it out. We did the walk through and it was love at first site. We made an offer and it was accepted on the condition that we sell our house of course.

for sale

I have never been in this situation before – let me just say, it is quite stressful lol. We have been going crazy in our house trying to pack and clear everything out so we can stage it nicely. The sooner we sell it the better off we will be in terms of no one else walking in and offering the dream house people something better. The kids are trying their hardest to help in whatever way they can, but trying to keep your house looking like a showroom with 3 kids and a dog is like brushing your teeth while eating.

Needless to say frazzled is coming quite naturally to me these days hahaha!!! More to come…


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