I was sound asleep, in a really deep restful sort of sleep. The kind you just know that your body is craving because your life is just so hectic and crazy you can never get Visit DonnaInk Publications today and order, "How to Teach Your Kids to Swear!"enough sleep as it is. My face was deeply planted into the pillow snuggled into that restful bliss  mothers just don’t find  much until this smell awakened my senses. I could smell it before I heard or saw anything and then Howard stomped into the bedroom to proclaim  the dog had just been skunked. He said the dog was outside and he had to go to work. My first thought was what am I supposed to do with the dog because of course I need to go to work too.  Howard suggested leaving it outside in the rain all day – so helpful.

Hence the beginning of my day…my dearly beloved left me with three kids and a skunked dog  who was outside in the rain rolling in the mud, wood-chips  cedar droppings and anything else she could roll in to try and wipe the smell of skunk spray off.

And, so the mental discussion begins – deep breath and don’t panic, I can do this. I checked the clock 2 hours until I am supposed to be at work. Don’t forget, if you’ve been following my blogs you’ll know  I am selling my house, so I don’t really want to bring a skunked dog in – it doesn’t go well for open houses. I quickly threw on some clothes and decided the best solution would be if the doggy daycare could take her and wash her and keep her for the day. Unfortunately, after several calls and distressed messages I couldn’t get anyone and they weren’t returning my calls….

Deep breath and don’t panic, I can do this!

Plan B – wake up the kids. A – will have to help me wash the dog, B – will have to get C – ready for school. Waking up the kids and snapping out the orders we all sprang into action. I got the dog from the yard and ran her right into the bathroom. A and I hoisted her into the tub.

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By the time we were done the bathroom and A & I looked like something from a muddy jeep commercial. I cleaned up the bathroom and we took our turn showering off the mud and smell as best as we could and I made it to work less than an hour late.

It is official! I have reached Superwoman status now – I just wonder if she feels like she’s 100 years old by the end of her day too?


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