The Color Run

I’m not sure if you have heard of this before, but it is a 5km/3 mile  run/walk race promoting healthiness and oh yeah they throw paint all over you while you are running it!!! I have just gotten into running in the last couple of years and it’s something I really enjoy. I have had a hard time getting the kids to really get into it though.  This morning I saw a posting for this race coming to our City and when I read through all of the details on the website I found that they are trying to make it as family friendly as possible. I can even bring C in a stroller if I want since she won’t be able to walk or run the entire 5km’s/3 miles.

I can’t think of a more entertaining way to get kids into running then throwing paint at them – lol. They are all excited and we are going to spend the next 2 months training to get them in tip top racing shape.

Thanks to the folks at The Color Run for coming up with such an awesome event – we just have to come up with a great team name and enjoy lots of good family fun training to get ready!!!

the color run


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