Finding Time To Write

The always elusive free time has me stumped. I am ensnared in a revolving busy schedule right now. Working full time, raising three kids and now selling my house is soaking up every ounce of my time and some that I didn’t realize I had! Our house has been up for sale now for just about a month. In the world of real estate this is probably nothing to complain about and is just a blink of the eye really. For me it is feeling like an eternity! Having to keep my home in a constant “show room” state of being is like trying to keep the kids clean while they eat ice cream on the beach on a hot summers day while hopping up and down on one foot with my eyes closed…you get the idea – it’s not happening. At least not easily.

for sale

In short, finding time to work on my next book has been put off for now. I am absolutely craving the time to work on it. I have so many ideas, but right now it is just a lot of post it notes so I don’t forget all my great ideas. Post it notes everywhere are apparently not good for open houses either, so I am putting my official request into the universe to please help me sell my house and find me some free time to write my next book.

All good vibes are welcome 😉


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