To Sell or To Renovate

That is the question at my house. We have had our house for sale for about a month and a half and although we have had many people come through and even a couple of bites, nothing has happened on the “sold” front.

Generally speaking I think of myself as a clean person, but keeping my home showroom ready at all times is definintely starting to take its toll on me. Since the only other option is to make the house bigger we decided to talk to the professionals and crunch the numbers to see if it is actually more cost efficient to renovate then it is to move.


So, we had a chat with the City and they have said we can put an addition on the back of the house and we met with the contractor to go over all our ideas and now we are just waiting for the quotes to make our final calls.

In the meantime the house is still for sale so I shall keep plugging away at the cleaning. One thing’s for sure my kids are learning two things…

  1. To pick up after themselves more
  2. When they don’t feel like doing #1 they find better hiding spots

Ahhhh the joys 😉



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