Sunday Morning Radio Talk Show Interview

On July 7th Rebecca Wolfe from the Sunday Morning Live Radio Show on AM 800 interviewed me about my book “How To Teach Your Kids To Swear”. It was a really fun interview. She was so nice and very easy to talk to. She was telling me that when she was little she got in trouble for swearing and when asked where she had learned it – she turned her Dad in as the prime suspect! We talked a bit about the struggle that goes on trying to get your kids not to swear and my recommendation was to just get in and get dirty. If you tell your kids what a bad word means, many times they didn’t realize it was so hurtful and they won’t use it because they weren’t using it for that purpose in the first place. Kids are famous for doing things just because it gets them attention. Teach them what things mean and focus more on positive attention and before you know it they will be on your side – potty mouth long forgotten!

You can listen to Rebecca’s live radio show every Sunday morning on AM 800 or on their website at:



We are hoping to have a recording of the interview to post soon – keep watching 🙂



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