Media Attention & Book Launch Party

This week has been so busy with different media outlets talking to me about the book. It has been very exciting to say the very least about getting all of this attention. I am hoping that this is just the beginning and that we can watch this snowball into something wonderful – thinking good vibes šŸ™‚

Anyways, I wanted to include the links here so you could read them and participate…. the first one is from an online paper -a great article – you can read it here:

The second one is for this Saturday and is to go along with the Online Book Launch Party. I mentioned it in my previous post. It is the 2 hour blog talk radio show “Whispers in the Dark” with Viktor Aurelius. There is a telephone number listed that you can call into to participate in the show and of course there are great prizes. Get the details at:–book-launch-party

Hope to speak to you then.

Don’t miss out on a thing – here, again, is the official invitation to the party…

online party announcement


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