The very beginning…

Every year for our Anniversary my husband and I take a weekend trip away. We kind of combine it with our holiday shopping needs and we go Black Friday shopping. For those of you who are not “in the know”…Black Friday happens every year in the United States on the last Friday in November. It is the American Thanksgiving and the “START YOUR ENGINES” of the holiday shopping season. This shopping extravaganza starts in the wee hours of the morning with unbelievable deals and door crashers. Folks line up and camp out sometimes in front of stores long before they are open to take advantage of the savings. At any rate I went once and that was all it took for me to be hooked on Black Friday. So now, each year we go away to Michigan for our weekend shopping retreat, usually with other couples we have also hooked onto this insane but super fun getaway.

Several years back we were driving in between stores and everyone was a bit groggy and tired. One component of successful Black Friday shopping is keeping up your energy. So I was trying to think of a funny conversation that would spark everyone back to life. So I asked my friends “do you teach your kids to swear?”

Well, needless to say everyone was howling with laughter and we all perked right back up. At the end of our ridiculously fun conversation about the do’s and dont’s of swearing and kids, my friend suggested that I write a book and thus was the very seed that begin “How To Teach Your Kids To Swear.”

Below is one of the many great shots from the Photo shoot for the about the  Author pic. in the book.

Author Kim Lunansky

Author Kim Lunansky


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