Keeping Your Kids In School

Not too sure how many other people suffer from this dilemma, but I thought I would share this story so that those who are afflicted would feel not so alone.

My kids seem to each have gone through a phase when they don’t want to go to school. You get them up in the morning and they have a tummy ache, they’re too tired, their throat hurts, anything they can come up with. It really makes mornings difficult sometimes. With “A” it wasn’t too bad, I managed to work her through it and get her to school each day. With “B” however it was a totally different story….

I would get him to school only to get calls from the school at work a short time later. Once the school started calling I really felt obligated to go and get him. I thought that meant they couldn’t handle the situation and that was why I was called in. After several weeks of them calling me and putting him on the phone to tell me his issues and me running to the rescue it finally came to me in one special call that I will always remember. I asked “B” what the problem was and he told me he was outside at recess and a killer beetle had attacked him and bitten his arm and he was worried that he didn’t feel good now and he might be morphing into something different like Spiderman had.


I laughed so hard that tears were running down my face and then I told “B” to get back to class and I would see him after school. That night I set out new guidelines for him that if he wasn’t getting sick and he didn’t have a fever he couldn’t call to come home anymore.

Keep the faith all you Mom’s & Dad’s – sooner or later clarity and resolution come to you!!!


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  1. Thanks for the smile! I think all kids go through this at some point, and for different reasons. Last year my daughter was getting “sick to her stomach” every few weeks but when I got her home she was completely recovered. What she needed time with mom, which she admitted when I asked. Juggling work, writing, etc, etc and trying to always be present for my daughter is a challenge and I am grateful to be reminded to keep things in perspective — children really are amazing sometimes.


    February 22, 2013 at 3:36 pm

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