School Wars

Once, in a galaxy not so far away, there was an evil teacher that got on my nerves and called me at work all the time to complain about my children. The force was strong with this teacher, but she went to the dark side to do her wicked bidding and terrorize young minds everywhere. She wanted power over all and made the children and parents miserable with her nasty twisted rules and assignments. Her ear-piercing cackle left a feeling of nausea fermenting in your memory.

star wars

But fear not our story does have a happy ending….

The children & families banded together and with patience and practice their force became quite strong – truly a force to be reckoned with. They worked with their children and with the school board to overthrow the evil war lord/teacher. The battles were plenty and the losses were tough to take sometimes but they stayed strong and supported each other and in the end the families came out on top. The evil teacher evaporated into a smokey pile of dust and the world rejoiced. The school boards learned their lessons and only hired good teachers from then on.

I dedicate this story to all the students and families that are dealing with nasty teachers right now. Stay strong, stick together and never give up the fight. Your kids are always worth the battle. May the force be with you.

{Love you – A, B & C….8 more months to summer vacation}


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