Happy Halloween

One of my very favorite days of the year is finally here! At my house we have been getting ready for just over a month now, plannning, decorating, more planning, more decorating. By the time Halloween rolls around it is definitely well done. The morning starts off busy right from the get go. Helping the kids dress up in their costumes for school – funny it’s one of the only days of the school year that they want to roll their sleepy heads out of bed for me without a fight!

Work is busy too because of course i bring my haunting sense of humor with me there as well. Once I get home from work though the real craziness sets in. It’s usually pizza for dinner while I run around trying to touch up and repair any costume damage from the day. Then we haul out all the additional halloween decorations that need to be added to the current ones – the stuff that is too expensive to leave out every day or isn’t weather resistant, like the fog machines, lighting and sound effects. This mad dash to get everything and everyone ready goes on right until the first trick or treater comes to the door. Once that first trick or treater hits up our house, that’s like the start gun going off at a race. My kids are then pushing their way out the door to get in on some of that action.

Traditionally one parent stays behind at our place to work the halloween magic with the decor and hand out candies. Part way through the kids come back to the house and the parents switch places so everyone gets a turn doing a bit of both. Once all of that is done, it’s time for a glass of wine and a spooky show on t.v.

lol – I feel tired just writing all that, maybe this year I will crack that wine open before I start.

Cheers – to new traditions & a very Happy Hallowen ❤



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