Pushing the Boundaries

Just in the last couple of weeks “C” has been the temper tantrum princess. At first I thought maybe she’s getting sick. Then I guessed perhaps she’s tired. When it still prevailed I started looking to the moon cycles – they say a full moon does all sorts of crazy things to kids too.

full moon

I was doing everything I could think of to get her to stop the tantrums, cuddling, helping with whatever problems, sending A & B to their rooms. It wasn’t until I finally got frustrated and got irritated with it and sent her on a time out, I realized that she was pushing her boundaries to get her way. As soon as that came to me I started putting her on a time out to calm down, just until she could use her words to tell me what the problem was.

Within three time outs the temper tantrums have pretty well stopped and my peace of mind has been restored. Oh, there is definitely something good to be said about happy children & Lord please bless the person who invented the time out!!!


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