My Haunted Getaway

In only two weeks 9 friends will gather to enjoy a Black Friday Shopping extravaganza ending with a weekend at an authentically Haunted Inn. This Inn is not just any Inn, it is one of the most Haunted locations in Michigan. Some of us went last year and were not expecting much, however we were amazed at the obvious truth found there at the existence of life after death.

This year we are gathering again, with a few more friends and taking a more serious approach to see what we can find out. We have a psychic that is going to come out to the Inn to work with us and hopefully she can illuminate some of the shadows that lurk there. We also have acquired some heavy duty equipment to establish contact from beyond. We have two way radios, still cameras, video cameras, recording equipment for any voices that may be trying to reach out to us and an EMF – Electro-Magnetic Field Detector…which finds unusual and unexplained variances in electro-magnetic activities AKA – ghost detector. Oh – and of course I printed off some protective prayers just in case!

I’ve been trying to find time to do some meditations so that I am more open to spirit communications but so far I haven’t been able to nail down any free time for that. Other than that though, I’m feeling very ready and super excited – can’t wait!!!

Feel free to let me know if you think of any other ideas or suggestions to try out on our trip 🙂




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