One More Week!!!

One week left until the ultimate shopping trip paired with the authentically Haunted Sweet Dreams Inn. I’m super excited but at the same time very nervous. I’m trying to meditate to stay grounded and remain connected as much as possible but I still can’t shake the little bit of me that is scared and worried about negative entities. I think I’ve just watched the Amytville Horror too many times.

I’m hoping to overcome my fears and learn a lot as well as have fun while experiencing supernatural phenomenon. I have so many questions – the first being why are these spirits staying there? It seems like there is so many of them in this one location. What makes certain locations extremely haunted and then nothing in others. Is there some kind of open bar after-life party happening at this house? It just doesn’t add up.

Can’t wait to get there and start researching. I’m starting to feel though, that this research may take much more than one weekend!

Stay tuned…




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