1 Month until Christmas

I can’t believe we are one month away from Christmas. Where has the time disappeared to? I feel like it was just summer yesterday and then I was teasing my kids that there was 9 more months until summer when they started school. Thanksgiving, Halloween, report cards, teacher meetings, bowling leagues and hockey practice and then BAM – we are one month away from Christmas. Of course we must not forget all the construction going on in my house. Howard has started renovating all his pet peaves in the new place.  It is not one project at a time either. We have construction zones all over the house, the bathrooms, the kitchen, the bedroom. It really works well for holiday entertaining… “come on in – just watch out for the extension cords and power tools and of course don’t mind the mess!”

Yup that sounds about right – yuletide love at the Lunansky place. Lol


Happy Holidays 😉


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