Eventful Holiday Shopping

A few years back when A was a bit younger and really into Barbies, she wanted a very specific – special – Barbie. It was a singing Barbie…actually two of them. When you put them together and pushed their buttons they would sing a duet. These Barbies were lovely as they all are and of course they had a movie to accompany them. A was very excited and didn’t ask for anything else – this was the most important item. She has always been very specific on what she wants or needs. B on the other hand changes his mind every other day – most years I give him cash or a gift card as a result of too many disappointments. I had always thought of A’s specific wants to be a good thing…except for this year. Apparently every other girl on the planet wanted that same doll. I had checked every store multiple times a week trying to get my hands on one. When I was finally at the point that I was not going to find one, I did. One glorious day at Toys R Us I found the dolls stuffed – mostly likely hidden – behind another Barbie display. There were tons of other parents scouring through the Barbie displays, no doubt, looking for the same one I was. In fact when I found it, I was scared someone might attack me for it. I decided the only safe way to get this doll was to stuff it under my jacket and in my parental desperation that is exactly what I did.

Momentarily I was proud of myself for escaping the parenting frenzy that I left behind at the Barbie display, but once I got out of reach I realized that I was walking around in Toys R Us with a Barbie shoved inside my jacket and looking like a shoplifter to any security details that might be watching me. Luckily no one tackled me to the ground for the Barbie or for possibly shop lifting it. I made it to the cash register and even made it home to wrap it and be the big hero on Christmas day.

Definitely some serious holiday anxiety though!!!


Happy Shopping 🙂


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