A Haunted Weekend

We went, we made contact and we were not disappointed!!! From the minute we walked in the door at the Haunted Inn, the Orbs were zooming all around us. The South Eastern Michigan Paranormal Society {SEMPS} came by while we were there and they said they had not seen footage before comparable to some of the videos that we captured. There were so many orbs in some of them it looked like a snow storm or a disco ball was going on in the room. In fact we were even able to see some of the orbs with the naked eye.

Not one person in our group left without having some sort of experience and one person told us in advance that he was a complete skeptic and did not believe in this stuff at all. Needless to say he left a changed man.

It really is quite amazing to have an experience like this that is not scary but just supernatural. I know now that when we die, we don’t really die. There is something going on afterwards – it may, however, take a lifetime of studying supernatural activity to find out though lol!!!

living room orbs

You can see the orb streaking across the bottom of the picture here from the couch to the bottom left.

If you would like to see some of the videos and other photos captured at this location check out their facebook page at…


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