Elf On A Shelf

I think I’m getting in on this a little late but a friend of mine at work just told me about this last week…

During her black Friday shopping trip she picked up an “elf on a shelf”. This elf comes with a little story as well explaining that if you name him it awakens his magical powers and he is able to then travel from your home to the North Pole every night to report to Santa on if you are being naughty or nice. Everyday you wake up to find your little elf in a different place in your house and depending how creative you can be he or she can be doing just about anything.

Naturally, I thought this was absolutely hilarious and I’ve been wracking my creative brain to find funny things for our elves to get into. Mine were working out yesterday – got to keep in shape for the holidays!!! The kids are loving it. My older two are trying to help with suggestions and my youngest is delightfully surprised and sometimes even shocked at the kind of trouble elves get into.

I think I may possibly be having more fun than the kids with this. I definitely recommend picking up one for your family today.

Happy Holidays!!!



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