Twas The Last Shopping Weekend Before Christmas

Twas the last shopping weekend before Christmas and all were at the Mall

Every Creature was stirring, short, stressed out & tall

The parking lots were packed, not a space did remain

So I parked down the road and walked through the sleet, snow & rain

The children they screamed, whined  and complained, It was definitely Santa they wanted

The line up was long but off to the end of it we went, the children were determined, they would not be daunted

We stood there watching each child take his turn

We stood there so long my legs and back did start to burn

Finally the time came and my children sat on Santa’s knee

They told him all of their dreams and wishes and all i could think of was “Damn I have to pee”

That line up was one I was sure i wouldn’t make

So a mad dash with the kids through the mall I did take

Off to the car we flew like a flash

Driving through traffic and trying not to crash

Home we went as my bladder was ready to take flight

Shopping’s over for me! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Christmas Shopping


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