A Case of Mixed Up Words…

Over the weekend my husband and I decided we needed a night out – without the kids. Some adult fun time was long overdue. So we headed out to do some shopping and then went to a Mexican restaurant for some amazingly yummy Margarita’s. We had told the kids we would only be gone for a few hours and were planning on heading home after the drinks. Once I had enjoyed several Margaritas I was feeling a bit -well let’s say hyper and I didn’t feel like heading home just yet. We decided to hit up a Casino and try our luck.

So, I texted the kids and said “Dad and I are feeling spontaneous – we’ll be coming home later”. After we got to the Casino I took a picture for the kids because they are always asking what it looks like in there – since they aren’t old enough to go in. Then I sent another text with the picture… “guess what we’re doing?”

I never received a response so I figured maybe they went to bed. The next morning the kids got up and I won’t say which one so I don’t embarrass anyone, but they asked “What does spontaneous mean?” So I explained it’s when you do something at the last minute that you didn’t plan. The kids explained to me they had mixed up spontaneous. They thought I was texting them that Dad & I were being promiscuous (accompanying Ewwws from the kids) so they did not know how to respond. Then I sent the picture – “guess what we’re doing?’ – they were afraid to open.

Parenthood – I love it!!!


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