The Polar Vortex

Update – Okay seriously??? How come no one (with the exception of meteorologists) has ever heard of this Polar Vortex and now it has hit our area twice in one winter!!! If this dangerously dreadful winter doesn’t go back to seasonal soon, I’m not sure I will make it.


As of right now I am stuck in a Polar Vortex along with the other half of North Americans… we have been blasted in the last week by several storms and are now currently stuck in a Polar Vortex that has come down from the North Pole – Al Roker from the Today Show mentioned this morning that it is like a hurricane that happens in the North Pole but it has spun down to include all the rest of us now – lucky us!!!

The good news is we may see some relief by Friday, the bad news is I don’t remember seeing this much snow in forever and we are heading in to record breaking dangerous low temperatures over the next day or two.

Currently the snow banks off of my driveway are over 4 feet high and my nasal cavities freeze on impact!!!

Be safe everyone & pray for an early spring!!!

polar vortex


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