Roller Skating Drama

When I was growing up, Roller Skating was a big deal. We went whenever we could; there was nothing else like that big roller rink with all the disco lights and loud music. It was just the best.

Unfortunately our local roller skating rink went out of business and we haven’t been able to bring the kids to this kind of activity before now. Just recently we heard there was a roller rink not too far from us, so of course we packed the kiddies up and headed over to take them. This rink did not disappoint. I felt very nostalgic as soon as I walked in, it was just like I was 12 again all over.

We took A, B & C in and got them hooked up with some roller skates and we went over to the practice area – which is separate from the main rink. An employee of the rink happened to be there and he gave us all pointers on how to stay on our feet. A & B did great and within the hour they were attempting to skate around the main rink. C was a bit tougher, she was a lot like Bambi on the ice, but she did okay in the end. I think she’ll get the hang of it before too long.

roller skating

As we were sitting at the cafe grabbing a couple drinks B decided to show us some fancy dance moves and took a Fred Flinstone style flip right onto his back. Ya – it was a little rough. We’re moving on to Chiropractors for this week, but he still said that roller skating was awesome and he feels like he was born to do that.

B is counting down the Chiropractic visits now until he can go roller skating again. My rockin’ disco roller skating sweetie ❤


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