Happy March Break!!!

A definite sign of spring approaching is March Break. Some folks go away to hot destinations, some hit up the ski resorts, some just take the time to relax. The kids are out of school and here we have it a taste of summer break to come quickly enough. March Break certainly seemed to take forever to get here, but it is here now.

At my place we aren’t planning on going anywhere right now because my son is still recovering from his recent illness and trip to the hospital. He is doing much better and we are hoping he will be well enough to go back to school once the break is over. He has been off for 3 weeks now. We are just going to take it easy, play some board games, maybe do some spring cleaning and try and dust up on our picnic skills by having a picnic on the living room floor – gotta get ready some time 🙂

That Polar Vortex can huff and puff all it likes but it is not getting in again. Good Riddens & Happy March Break to all!!!

march break


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