Countdown to Spring – 7 more days

Normally I am not a whiner, but this year winter has pushed me beyond my limits. It is just ridiculous this year, we can’t catch a break – even something close to freezing would feel like a break. In thinking about this whining it made me wonder why do people whine? Really, what’s the purpose of it? I can complain all I like, but Spring is still over a month away. It’s not likely going to change anything.

In my deep freeze pondering I have concluded that people complain for two reasons…

  1. They are looking for hope. Hoping that whoever they are talking with can shed some light on the situation and change it for the better and
  2. They are looking for companionship. That saying misery loves company is based in truth. If you have to suffer through something it really is easier to suffer through it knowing that you are not alone and that people understand and sympathize with your pain.

I am not a psychologist or anything so there may be other reasons why people complain…this is just my take on this current sub-zero completely outrageous and unacceptable winter shenanigans that we are forced to endure against every grain of our being this year!

Well, now that I have gotten that off my chest I feel a bit better (until the next time I have to go outside).


Thanks for that 😉



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