Driver’s Ed

My oldest daughter just turned 16 a few weeks ago. Accepting that I have a 16 year old was incredible on its own but then I had to take her to write her drivers test and she passed of course. Now I’m trying to come to terms with the fact that she is driving a car.

Here’s a little background info on me…

I’m a tad bit afraid of letting go. Things like letting them cross the street, meet friends out of the home, sleepovers – these were all traumatic experiences for me. Amy has definitely gotten the brunt of it too because she’s the first one, by the time I get to driving with B or C it’ll be much easier because I will have learned a way to cope with the nagging worries that haunt me, constantly tormenting my every moment that she is or possibly could be behind the wheel. It is equally dangerous being behind the wheel as it is crossing the street. You need to look in front of you, look behind you, watch traffic, be aware of traffic that could enter your traffic, be suspicious of people that could turn, cut you off, make illegal lane changes, speeders, cyclists, pedestrians, stray dogs, stray cats – black cats, rodents!!!

Oh Lord I need professional help. Does anyone have the number for Driver’s Ed?

drivers ed


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