Making Spiritual Changes – Update

Just thought I would give you a bit of an update on how things are going… It seems that dreadlocks are not the wake up and go hairstyle I thought they were. I spend a lot of time grooming these fuzzy bad boys so that I don’t look like a hobo. I am just past the 6 month mark, which I am told it takes 6-12 months for dreads to really take well. They definitely look differently than when I first had them put in, but I’m not sure that I’m completely sold on keeping them yet. I’m going to stick with it a bit longer and see what happens though.

As for the research and psychic awareness… I am continuing to work on that – nothing earth shattering yet, but I am getting lots of great information and inspiration for my next book. Definitely all worth it!

To be continued…


Over the years I have tried pretty much every hairstyle and even hair color that I could think of however, there has always been one that I have wanted to try but just never got around to it….

Currently I am researching and writing my next book which has a bit of a supernatural kick to it, so I thought I would get into the part by really living the lifestyle – really try to understand it. I’ve changed my diet to try and eat only “unprocessed” foods and mostly vegetarian…haven’t been able to get rid of meats all-together yet. Of course we can’t forget the staying in authentically haunted houses. I’m also meditating and am working with a psychic on sharpening my awareness and last but not least I have gotten my hair dreaded.

Here’s a little – Did you know factoid – Some people and cultures believe that when you stop cutting your hair and you dread it that the natural undisturbed dreads enhance supernatural connections? I guess time will tell if it’s true or not, but for now I’m jumping into my next book literally head first!!!




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