Creating Holiday Meaning For Children

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to send some wishes out to have a Happy Passover & A Happy Easter to all of the folks who are celebrating this week. While you are having lots of chocolatey fun with your families it is sometimes hard to find ways to teach your children about the meanings behind these holidays. If you take them straight up they are a bit of a horror story to try and share with younger kids as well.  Here are a couple of ideas on how to teach your little ones the purpose without the scary parts.

Both Passover & Easter are beautiful holidays rich with tradition and special meanings of…

  1. Sacrifice
  2. Renewal
  3. Hope
  4. Love

We do observe both of these holidays in my house and we try to observe those special meanings by doing different activities with the kids. For example we can easily teach children how to give sacrifices by showing them when they are little to donate their clothes and toys that they no longer need or play with. I find younger children are hoarders by nature so it is sometimes very difficult for them to give up old toys or clothes even though they don’t use them.  They seem to be emotionally attached to everything. By showing them how to let go of these things, you are essentially teaching them a great lesson in sacrifice – to give up something that is important to them to better someone else. In a special bonus, you are also teaching them how not to be a hoarder and getting some great spring cleaning done!

I spend a good deal of time assisting with this project so by the end there is an impact when you walk into their room. Perhaps we rearranged the furniture, or I assisted to create a new play area that makes them feel special. This part assists with letting go and gives your child a sense and understanding of the other 3 special meanings – renewal, hope & love. They finish having a renewed room or play space, they have hope to have lots of fun there soon and all was done with lots of love and positive attention. If you want to really nail down their understanding of this and help them make the connections to the holiday, you can do this by having a brief chat at the beginning and end of the project so you can show them and point it out. It’s always rewarding to talk at the beginning about what do you think it feels like to make a sacrifice? Usually they think it will feel badly. Once they are done you have to point out the sacrifices they made and ask them how they felt. They typically feel pretty happy about things once everything is said and done.

It’s exciting for them to go along to the donation center as well to drop off the bags and speak to the people who work there about how their donations are helping people. For our older kids we add in some volunteer work. Whether that is helping to clean up at a park, assisting elderly family or neighbors or donating time in a more official organization. It all wraps up nicely with special family time in the end and just makes for some special family & spiritual connections.

Enjoy your holiday ❤



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