Bird Stalkers

This story is a little dated, but it is one of my favorites….

One lovely morning, many years ago, I took “A” out with me to do some running around. As we approached the car I noticed that it was covered in bird poop. Not a little bit, one or two, but absolutely covered. I started complaining to “A” about how the birds were dive bombing our car and wondering what we had ever done to these birds to make them do that to our car. We carried on with our shopping and our day and had the car washed.

The next day the same thing happened and the day after that and the day after that as well. It was absolutely ridiculous. As it turned out the people who live next door to us had started to put out bread to feed the birds and so these birds would go and have their breakfast and then on their way out were exiting their back yard via my driveway. A simple request to the neighbors to feed the birds in the front yard quickly rectified the problem. However, we didn’t think of communicating that to “A”. She spent many days deliberating in her little 4 year old head how we could fix this problem. So, one day as we were out driving around getting our shopping done “A” said to me, “Mom, I know how we can stop the birds from pooping on our car”. I asked her what she had thought up.

You ready for this?bird

She said, “If we buy a new car, then the birds won’t know which one we are in and then they won’t be able to poop on our car anymore.”

Innocence – gotta love it!!!


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