Getting Back Into Running After An Injury

Like so many people this winter, I too took a spill in this Polar Vortex Hell that we had to live through. I actually do have a bit of history with this ankle, I now refer to it as my “granny ankle” due to its generally cranky attitude and its quick disposition to turn on me. As much as I enjoy turning my ankle and ending up on my backside in awkward positions in public places – NOT – I have been spending the winter months hibernating from the cold and doing physiotherapy on my ankle. I still have pain in my ankle when I step on it “just so” but the Physiotherapist says that is just the muscles firing up their “no turning” responses that I have spent so much time teaching them to be strong on.

Now that the weather is starting to be reasonable and I am going to start trying to build my running back up. I’m not sure how that will go since I haven’t been running for close to 6 months now and with the pain and all but I’m going to do my best. I’m seeing all the marathons starting and feeling a bit bummed out that I can’t do them but I’m trying to have hope that maybe I can build back up to a 5km run by fall. There’s a Zombie run here that I would love to do. I didn’t get the chance to do it last fall because we had B’s Bar Mitzvah that same weekend.

Here’s to learning to run all over again & great motivators (AKA running away from Zombies) lol!!!

zombie run


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