Banking Drama

The other day I went to the bank machine. I needed to take out $140.00. I put my card in the machine, entered my pin number and the machine asked how much I wanted to take out. So I put 140. but it didn’t add in the “.00” so I hit “00”. Well it still didn’t enter the decimal, but now I was requesting $14,000. Apparently this machine didn’t want you to enter the decimal – why can’t they all be universal???

So I looked for a backspace key. I saw the cancel, but I didn’t want to start over so I hit the arrow key twice thinking it would backspace…then the machine says PROCESSING & I’m all like – “AHHHH” and then I think to myself well it will just say insufficient funds and then I can re-enter it. It’ll be fine, breathe and wait. Then I hear the machine – tick, tick, tick, tick – it’s counting out the money & I’m all like – “AHHHH”

The bank machine ended up spitting out $100 so I think I’m safe but oh man talk about heart failure. I was waiting for the security team to tackle me any second hahaha!!!



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