Update – Bad Shopping Experience

Michael’s Canadian headquarters sent me a response email stating that they were going to contact the specific store location to look into things and that customer service is very important to them. I received a phone call the other night (almost two weeks later) from the store manager who apologized for her assistant managers behavior and offered a store credit for what they claimed the product was worth, not what was paid.

I felt the apology was not genuine and neither was the credit. My feeling is if they were being genuine the apology would have been heartfelt and the credit would have been for a bit more than the products replacement value, considering all of the running back and forth to the store we have done and all of the stress and inconvenience it has taken to just get an acknowledgement.

I’m not sure what I have learned from this…like I said earlier, I normally would just leave the store empty handed and feeling badly…unfortunately in this experiment of complaining for justice I still feel let down and empty handed. I can’t see myself going into the store to collect the (not worth the drive) credit that was offered – the apology was so minimal and bad, it was like what my kids say to each other while I’m standing over them threatening to take their toys away.

I guess I’ll just be shopping elsewhere.


It’s an all too familiar story. You go into a store, buy a toy get it home and when you open the box later it’s broken. You go back to the store, explain the situation, are forced to speak to the Manager and retell your story because you lost your receipt. The Manager is rude, irritated, loud and wants nothing to do with hearing your story or helping you with replacing/refunding the broken product. You leave the story feeling defeated, anxious, overwhelmed and shocked by the “anti” customer service experience you just had and you have a crying child without their beloved toy.

I’ve seen people scream, yell, throw things, be escorted out of the store and storm out angrily.

What do you do?

I just recently had this happen to me at Michael’s Craft Store with a craft. The paint that came with the craft was totally dried out and unusable. In the past I am usually the one who walks away with my tail between my legs yelling at myself because I was not more responsible with the receipt – I should know better – right?

Well that was always the way I thought about it, but you know what? That’s wrong. They are selling a defective product. They were able to scan the product and determine it was purchased at that location and they examined it and determined that yes in fact it was defective. So why is it that I am being penalized, humiliated and degraded?

For the first time I decided to take this higher up. I have sent a complaint in to the store’s head Manager and to the Michael’s Canadian headquarters. I’ve also realized that I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad experience when I purchased items from family owned or small businesses. Maybe it’s time for a change?

Please share your stories here. Has this every happened to you? How did you handle it?

Oh & P.S. If you shop at Michael’s Craft Stores make sure you keep your receipt.

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