Getting Past Back To School Meltdowns

Getting out of lazy summer routines and back into school day routines is like listening to someone singing out of tune. It drives you crazy and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it! I’m sure experts would tell you the best thing to do is not to get into lazy summer routines in the first place. Keep the same routines all year around. That is likely good advice, however, if there’s anyone else out there like my family that indulges in late summer nights around the swimming pool or campfires – I give you my top 3 realistic tips on how to survive the back to school meltdowns:

  1. Patience. This is a tough one to do considering you probably feel like running through the streets screaming, however, it is what will get you the most success. If you give into the burnt out parent inside and start yelling, it will only make your kids worse. They’ll start crying more, you’ll feel like a horrible person – it’s just not a good situation. Take a breather if you need. I tell my kids that Mommy needs a time out and I take a few minutes to get some perspective, give yourself a pep talk & then I tackle the tantrum. Don’t worry, just like housework waits for you, they’ll still be kicking and screaming after your break!
  2. Be prepared. Planning ahead can make a world of a difference. If you are able to make some dinners in advance on the weekend or have some easy dinner plans so you can just microwave and go it will free up a lot of your time to deal with all of the other little crisis’ that happen when kids are tired and cranky. Use paper plates so you don’t have to worry about the dishes and whatever you do don’t take the kids out to public places. It’s just not worth it.
  3. Last but not least – lead by example. Getting the kids into a bed time routine will go a lot smoother if they see that you’re getting ready for bed too. There are so many more issues if he’s staying up later than she is, etc. If you just eliminate them by everyone getting ready for bed you eliminate these arguments. You maybe don’t need to go to sleep right away, take some time to wind down in your bed and read a book or meditate and then go to bed. It will stop all of the resistance and you will feel a lot more rested and ready to tackle the next days tantrums!

Stay strong – you can do it!!!



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