Husband Correction Experiment

Recently, I have noticed a new pet peeve that has started repeating itself in my home. A lot of the time when I am speaking to someone other people start speaking to that same someone over top of me. I get all offended and tell off the interuptus maximus individual but it has not been changing this trend. I was thinking things over last night and realized that the children are picking this up from their Dad. When I laid down to go to sleep I started pondering the events of the day – because who sleeps when they go to bed right – and I wondered what could I do to encourage a change? Shortly after that though it came to me, devious, but beautiful – the exact resolution I was searching for….

Have you ever watched Big Bang Theory? I recalled the episode when Sheldon was giving Penny chocolates to encourage good behaviour and then at the very end Leonard did something wrong and Sheldon took out his squirt bottle and gave him a couple shots of water and said “Bad Leonard”.

I have to get to the dollar store on the way home from work to get a squirt bottle! I’ll let you know if it works – let the games begin 😉

water gun



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