Trick or Treat Age Limits

How old is too old for Trick or Treating?

I am one of those parents that takes my kids trick or treating, door to door for the entire evening and then examines all of their candy before they can have any. I have never allowed them to take off with their friends. I always worried that older kids might “jump” them for their candy or that they might get into trouble that could’ve easily been avoided.  As they got older trick or treating with Mom became unacceptable and they only wanted to go out with their friends. So I told my kids that when they turned 13 they were done trick or treating. When we all talked about it they all felt it was a fair decision, however, each Halloween the sob stories start all over again… “my friends are all going out” “this is a stupid rule – you are so mean.” I do let them dress up, hand out candy, bring their younger sister trick or treating, have a supervised Halloween house party with their friends or dish out candy and of course there’s never a shortage of treats or Halloween activities that they partake in leading up to and after it’s over.

I think I’m being reasonable – they call me Evil…what do you think?





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