Ghostly Gettysburg

Our haunted holiday for this year is going to be in Gettysburg! Less than 2 months away now, I can’t wait for it to get here. With everything Halloween that goes on all October long it just makes the anticipation build up that much more. We spent the last couple of years at the same location in Northern Michigan and had outstanding experiences both times – the very first time we went we were expecting nothing to happen of course. Now that we have had those experiences the group is definitely hungry for more. We wanted to try a new location and see if we have experiences there as well. Gettysburg popped to mind as an obviously very haunted area, so there you have it, we are on the count down to our haunted holiday.

The location this year is a haunted cottage in the woods directly on the property of the Little Round Top Battlefield. Many different paranormal investigators have visited this location before us and found it to be active and of course thousands of people claim to have had experiences on the battlefields. The anticipation is a killer!!!

Anyone else out there crazy enough to stay in a haunted hotel overnight?



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