Avoiding Parental Burn-out

For me, it’s a full time job, full time parent, what seems like full time fund raising for the kids schools, full time maid service and of course my book & writing. It can sometimes add up to an enormous mountain that I’m trying to climb with only a slinky!!! Parent burn-out happens to the best parents out there. You may not see it, you may look at other parents and think that they have everything together – but do not be fooled, behind those closed doors is just another parent who faces the same challenges as you. In today’s society of multitasking burn-outs in general are just more common. We even see it in kids.

If you are feeling, overwhelmed, over tired, crusty and don’t know which way to turn, you might need to address this. Parental burn-out can be addressed quite easily. Sometimes the most obvious things are the ones you just don’t see or don’t think of.

Step one – take some time for yourself. Go out for an evening and just take a break from being super parent. I know, I know, if you don’t have enough hours in the day now, how will you find time to take an evening away from it all? Just do it. Trust me – take a leap of faith. You will be more productive and will be able to think more clearly after taking a break.

Step two – delegate stuff. You don’t need to do everything. I realize your 8 year old will not dust as well as you and your spouse may not clean the bathroom to the same standards as you, but it will be good enough until you do have time to do it your way, or you could take the opportunity to teach them exactly how it needs to be done.

Step three – same deal for all of the other areas in your life, ask for help, call a meeting, admit you are overwhelmed. Even if you don’t get rid of things to do but you get a chance to talk with someone about a dilemma you can’t figure out, a fresh set of eyes can sometimes spot out an easier solution that you missed because you are so stressed out.

Seems silly, I have been there myself, but I promise you, if you follow these three steps you too can be saved from the distressing state of Parental Burn-Out!

burn out


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