Report Card Success 101

I can’t believe we are already halfway through the fall semester. It just seems like time moves faster at this time of year for some reason. Once winter hits it takes forever, but fall – blink and it’s gone. Regardless of how quick it is going by though, we are just seeing now our first set of report cards on how the kiddies are doing at school. It’s always such a nerve wracking time, worrying if they are doing okay. Believe it or not, the kids worry too. What will happen if they’re not doing well enough and there is certainly a classroom comparison between the kids as well and they don’t want to be the one  who isn’t so smart.

So how can you take the sting out of a bad report card?

  1. Be understanding. Not everyone is good in every subject. There are some things you will shine in and others will just fade away from your life eventually. Help your child recognize that if they aren’t getting 100% in Science, well maybe that just means they won’t grow up to be a Scientist.
  2. Show them your vulnerability. Tell your children about the times you struggled in a certain subject and how that made you feel and what you did about it. Kids always think that we as parents don’t understand what life is like today – and sometimes we don’t – but when you can show them you feel their pain so they know they aren’t alone.
  3. Make an action plan. Talk to the teacher and find out why the bad grades. If it’s an organization problem there are lots of ways to tackle that, some through the school and some easy tricks you can pick up at Walmart – or wherever you like to shop. Special binders, sticky notes & tabs, day planners, the list is almost endless. If it’s a course specific problem and they just aren’t understanding sometimes it is worth the money to hire a tutor to help them out. Everyone has different ways of explaining things and sometimes just seeing something from a different angle makes it so much easier to understand.

Patience and lots of love is definitely the key to success. School is hard work. The more involved you get the better the results will be. Think of it like a project at work, if you slap something together and turn it in it may pass by, but if you research and spend time making it look good so that it wows when your boss/client sees it, there’s an entirely different response to that project. In other words if you just pack a lunch and send your child to school every day, they may get by, but if you check with them every day to see what their working on, show them cool ways to make their projects look better, volunteer at the school so the staff knows you care, I guarantee you will get an entirely different outcome.

May the report cards be every in your favor! 😉



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