Black Friday Tips

Officially 1 week left until the American Thanksgiving Holiday, which is also the kick-off to the biggest shopping extravaganza of the year – Black Friday! You may think that shopping is just a fun past time and that there are no challenges involved, but you would be wrong. Here are a few of my favorite tips on how to have a successful Black Friday…

  1. Make a list of what you need to buy. Everything looks great and the season can definitely easily impress on you to buy more and overspend. If you want to stick to your budget make a list and have it ready, so when you walk in the store and everything is glittering at you and you completely forget why you even came to this store, you can look at your paper and be focused.
  2. Have a back up plan. Everyone is looking for the amazing door crasher items that are unbelievably cheap. A lot of the time they are already sold out by the time you get there. Don’t let that ruin your day or drag you down. Make a plan “B”. Know in advance what you will do if they are sold out. Will you look at another model that is on sale for a reasonable price? If it’s a big ticket item and you can’t afford to get it all in one shot if you don’t get the door crasher price, consider putting it on lay-a-way. Most of the big chain stores offer that option and this way you will still get your present in time for the holidays.
  3. Be realistic. It is going to be crazy busy, the line ups will be long, the parking will be nuts, people will be cranky and some people will bring their young kids – I don’t recommend doing that. If you anticipate these sorts of things and take a passive approach to your day you will be more likely to enjoy it. Don’t be in a rush, relax and enjoy instead!

Happy Shopping!!



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