Hiding Holiday Gifts

Since my black Friday shopping extravaganza is over I now have the majority of the gifts purchased and at home. The problem now is hiding them from inquiring minds. All three kids are taking turns trying to find presents and when they are not searching they are trying to outsmart me. The older two, they come to a truce this time of year so that they can work together to find out what they might be getting. Last night they were offering to help wrap the other child’s gifts. See…this way if anyone finds a present they can’t see what it is if it’s wrapped – but, because they see what it is when they help me wrap it they now hold leverage with the sibling. So if i was to let them do this they would just trade their findings so they could both find out what they got.

Not too worry though I stayed strong. I just gave them that totally un-amused look over the rim of my glasses and said nice try – I don’t think so.

Branden says I am like Rozz from Monsters Inc.

It could be worse – lol



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