The Little Round Top Farmhouse

On our trip to Gettysburg we stayed in the Little Round Top Farmhouse, which is run by The Dobbin House Inn (in case you would like to go too). It is on the Gettysburg battlefield property. We did venture out to do the battlefield tours and they were amazing but we didn’t get any paranormal activity at any of the haunted locations we visited except for at the Farmhouse. Gettysburg is a very happening little place though, so my guess is we didn’t see anything paranormal in the public places because they were too busy with tourists. If there had been anything it would have been discredited as noises from someone else nearby.

The Farmhouse was great though, a beautifully kept building decorated in the Era of the battle. Over the four days that we stayed there we heard disembodied voices, children calling for their mother, running up the stairs and whispering in peoples ears. There were enough strange noises to impress even a skeptic as well as a door opening on its own, we caught an apparition and loads of orbs in our pictures and a music box that started and stopped on its own when no one was in the room – we did catch that on video! We ran our cameras day and night for the four days and we haven’t had a chance to get through that yet but I can’t wait to see if there are more surprises waiting in the videos.

The overall experience at Gettysburg was awesome, the people were welcoming, the service was great, the shopping rocked and it was definitely haunted!!! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good haunted place to visit 🙂

Dobbin House


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