Getting your 2015 Mojo On

For those who know me it is no surprise that every year and sometimes throughout the year I check on and re-organize the Feng Shui in my life. I thought I would share a little bit of Feng Shui wisdom for 2015 for anyone looking to increase their happiness in the new year.

Feng Shui is the belief that how you organize the things around you effects how the energy flows in your life. You can dabble a lit bit in arranging your Feng Shui or you can go full scale all out OCD. For the OCD version please check Google because I definitely can’t explain it that well – haha. For a few brief tips keep reading…

The first rule is declutter – energy has less room to maneuver if there is a pile up of junk all over the place. This is the perfect time to declutter, you’re stuck inside anyways because of the cold weather may as well clean up. Consider making a pile of things to donate to a local shelter.

In the South areas of your room(s) you want to use reds, pinks, purple, orange or bright yellows. This affects wealth energy and could be displayed as artwork, flowers, furniture arrangement whatever works for you.

In the North areas of your room(s) you are affecting your future wealth and this is the area representing water. You could display a water feature here like a fountain or go with something reflective like a mirror. Also working with the number 9 will multiply the benefits – so a display of 9 candles would go nicely here.

In the Center of you room(s) is the Wood element affecting your love life and creative endeavors. Keeping a nice live green plant here will help romance and creative energies grow and bloom in your life.

The West area of your room(s) relates to your Career Success. To help encourage success and recognition use some of the metal elements on the west side perhaps a wind chime or some quartz crystals.

The East area is all about health and wellness. You want to add in some of those metal or water elements to that area as well, round circular items are best.

Usually as long as you are displaying things that portray and make you feel happy you are moving in the right direction.

Good luck with your Feng Shui projects!

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